a windowed “experience” …

So, being a Linux Sysadmin doesn’t make me see things only grey on black, though it’s the most of the time. Recently I wanted to see how things work on the Windows side of the fence so I started to install a Windows Small Business Server 2008 Standard into a Virtualbox machine. I gave it 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of disk space. This was only intended for testing, so even if the speed was not so good I wouldn’t have minded.

First “15 minutes” of the installation process goes well, nothing special, it was just installing. It has almost the same installation interface as a Windows 7, so it’s not that big of a deal. This was just until this beautiful screen just popped out of nowhere.


Why Windows “Small Business Server” doing this type of shit? On a virtual machine?

Have you ever tried installing a Debian? What about a basic, but complete, mail server mail server stack on a Ubuntu server using not more that 250MB of RAM after a reboot. Or how about hosting almost a thousand websites on a single machine, using Nginx and PHP-FPM (ondemand process manager) not using more than 1GB of ram after 88 days of uptime. Can Windows do that?