OpenVPN on 443

SSL VPN? Lately I’ve been working on a project where security is very important. In order to connect to the hosting provider I needed to use a specific VPN provided by FortiNet. What’s interesting about this VPN solution is that apparently it uses HTTPS. this gave me the idea to…
linux security

Removing old kernels

On Debian/Ubuntu we would need to search for installed kernel packages, something like this: root@server:~# dpkg --list |grep linux-image ii  linux-image-3.2.0-23-generic         3.2.0-23.36                                      Linux kernel image for version 3.2.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP ii  linux-image-3.2.0-56-generic         3.2.0-56.86                                      Linux kernel image for version 3.2.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP ii  linux-image-3.2.0-57-generic         3.2.0-57.87                                     …

RHEL (CentOS) – changing Apache’s MPMs

Well, in EL6 when we wanted to change Apache’s MPMs we would edit /etc/sysconfig/httpd and set the HTTPD variable with the binary needed.It looks something like: HTTPD=/usr/sbin/httpd.worker To see the available options we could type the following command: [root@server ~]# ls  /usr/sbin/httpd* /usr/sbin/httpd  /usr/sbin/httpd.event  /usr/sbin/httpd.worker The simple httpd binary uses…

Centos7 – reversing to classic iptables

First of all we need to deactivate FirewallD systemctl disable firewalld.service Then we install the package called iptables-services yum install iptables-services edit /etc/sysconfig/iptables then start classic iptables and make it load on each reboot systemctl start iptables.service systemctl enable iptables

Testing CentOS 7 – Lots have changed

So, just installed the newly launched CentOS 7 and oh boy! Lot’s have changed.Honestly I don’t know if it’s for the good or bad. As I observed the distro moves really fast, and it starts reeeeallly fast! The first notable change is that the default filesystem changed to XFS. Therefore…

Dell tools for Linux servers

When you’re running on Dell hardware and some things just don’t work out as they should you need to know that there are some tools that might save your day. DSET – Dell Server E-Support Tool DSET is a simple reporting tool. You can find it at Once you…

Linux still sucks (in 2014)

Well, with this presentation I found out that ElementaryOS has become very popular and I haven’t event tried it. Now I’m downloading and just trying it right now in VirtualBox. So let’s just take a look on Brian Lunduke’s presentation. He has a really good point.