Gnome Shell on an Eee PC

I’ve always loved Gnome3 (or Gnome Shell). The revolutionary idea that changes everything about the desktop is fantastic. The only real issue I could and would have with it, and it did make me nuts long time ago, is the fact that some Windows are just to big to be viewed on some smaller screens, like an Eee PC for example(the screen is only 600px tall). This is mainly why I moved back then to Unity, just because when I moved to other desktops it would show me the rest of the bigger window.

Recently with the launch of “Ubuntu Gnome” as an official flavor of Ubuntu I thought I could give it a try, to see how it’s like. So I used Lili to make one of my sticks boot the ISO image downloaded, I booted from the stick and… “stupid pause!”. When it was about partitioning I just could not hit “Continue” because the buttons were outside of the small netbook’s screen.

After some googeling I managed to continue the installation by pressing “ALT+F7” and just moving the window up. It’s a small trick that you just can’t do with the mouse. So, it all went well in the end, and right now I’m enjoying Gnome3 on my Eee PC.